Mysteries of the Ancient Underground Cities: Part One

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In the year 1963 in the town call Derinkuyu which is located in Turkey a wall collapsed to reveal a passage way.  This passageway led to an underground city thousands of years old and  and more than 280 feet deep. This city has 13 stories into the ground with ventilation shafts as well as 15000 little shafts making sure that every chamber gets air. This underground city is said to be able to hold more than 20000 people. Religious centers, store rooms, wine presses, schools, a bar, kitchens, and stables were all found in this city. The stone used is extremely soft so all the supporting beams had to be placed perfectly and it has never had any cave ins. This would be an extremely difficult thing to do in modern time let alone thousands of years before.


The religion of this city is said to be the Zoroastrian religion where the faith is based on opposing forces of good and evil. The creator which is called Ahura Mazda, who is the sky god, asked one of his prophets to build an underground city to protect select people and animals from a global ice age. For what ever reason Ahura Mazda asked the people to build the city the question still remains who or what was Ahura Mazda. Could he have been an extraterrestrial being? And if so did he give the people the technology to create this labyrinth city?

People wonder that maybe the city wasn't created to protect from a natural phenomenon but instead from attacking enemies. This is because of the unusual security system that was located in the city. 1000 pound circular rocks on rollers are positioned by strategic tunnels to block the passageway. This stone could only be moved from the inside. This lead to the conclusion that they were hiding from someone or something.

Ahura Mazda is said to have travel in the sky in a divine chariot and waged war on his eternal enemy Angra Mainyu the demon of destruction. Some believe that the two gods were extraterrestrials and their factions because they had the ability of flight. The city was used to protect from aerial attacks from the two waring sides.

Ahura Mazda

The question still remains .... did extraterrestrials cause the people to build the city in order to protect themselves? Or was is simply to protect from invading enemies such as desert raiders and Roman Legions?

Derinkuyu with defense stone

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First of all this whole underground city thing is awesome. The things that people were able to construct before the wonders of modern technology simply amazes me. Like we discussed in class on Tuesday, it's impossible to say that it WAS NOT the aliens who inspired this. If an alien in a spaceship were to show up in the ancient world, then logically (I use that word loosely) people of that time would assume that 'Gods' were visiting them. If there were aliens visiting entire populations at that time though you'd think they would have come back and visited us by now to see how we've progressed. In the end it really is impossible to 100% explain the truth in this situation because of our lack of knowledge. All I have to say is that they better have had a good reason to build an entire underground city.

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