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Everyday I sit in class and I handwrite my notes. Some people next to me do the same or others around me are typing their notes on their computers. I always find it more effective to write my notes because I feel like I can organize them better and I always like reading things better on paper than on computer. However, the majority of people seem to like writing notes on their computer because it is faster and they can add and erase things more easily. When people use their computers though I feel like they always get more distracted in class because they are on facebook, email, etc. I always have wondered is there a benefit to writing notes or is typing notes really better. I feel like I always remember things better if I write them down so I decided to investigate if this was true or if this was just my own personal experience. 
I found an article that says by writing notes we actually remember more important information and also says that it is the process of writing notes is actually what helps us remember them better. So after this I felt pretty justified in handwriting my notes and I continued to investigate just to find further information incase this was the only study that came to this conclusion. This article states that a reason writing might be so effective is because your hand forms the letters and connects them which engages the brain more. Typing involve just selecting keys so your brain does not get and engaged in the process. 
Even though these articles say that it is better for a person to write their notes because you can remember them better, ultimately personal preference is a factor. Maybe someone reads better on the computer than a notebook, they may not write quickly enough to get everything written down or may just not like writing at all. Over all people should do what they feel helps hem be more successful. 


I always write my notes as well, I feel like I would get distracted with a lap top. I will type out study guides, but them print them and write the answers. I personally find writing more beneficial. So glad someone blogged about this! Also if your computer crashes there goes all of your notes. I feel as if handwritten notes are a lot more reliable. Here is a blog I found by someone who argues we are losing some essential tools by typing all the time, like our handwriting skills and that handwritten things are much more memorable.

I KNOW I get distracted on a laptop (it's hard enough to write this simple comment without switching tabs), so hand written notes are the way to go. I'm not sure if I would say they're more organizable though, at least for me. With computers you can copy and paste and make pretty things, but if you write something on a piece of paper it's there. Things like diagrams and tables are definitely easier to get on paper than a word document, though

There is alot of evidence towards your hypothesis Elizabeth. " The practice helps with learning letters and shapes, can improve idea composition and expression, and may aid fine motor-skill development."

I want to enforce your position with an article from the Wall Street Journal that tested cognitivie abilities of people who write out letters on paper versus the more popular technology version.

Preschooler prefers Ipad over notepad!

I definitely agree with this evidence. I never bring my laptop to class. Writing in a notebook helps me organize my notes the way that I want to, not the way the computer will allow me to. It certainly does help me remember the information better as well. I think it also prevents us from being distracted- I don't think doodling is as detrimental as talking on Facebook or browsing Google.

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