Five Fast Moving Cancers

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Five Fast Moving Cancers

Life has enough hardships and troubles that are easily noticed. You got a flat tire, you recognize the problem, and then remedy it with a new tire. Our body's can warn us of potential threats within our organs. Some cancers move slowly through your body, giving you time to catch them; however, others move so fast that by the time you notice the warning signs it's too late.  Five fast moving cancers include but are not limited to: pancreatic, brain, esophageal, liver and skin. How can we protect ourselves against these inconspicuous and quick moving cancers?



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1.      Pancreatic Cancer: Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest. Of the approximately 44,000 people diagnosed each year, 38,000 will die. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer death across the globe. Pancreatic cancer often has a poor prognosis: for all stages combined, the 1- and 5-year relative survival rates are 25% and 6%. The main problem of prognosis is the location. The pancreas is well hidden by the back of the abdomen. Often, when the cancer is finally located it is too late because the cancer has rapidly spread. Some warning signs to be conscientious about are abdominal or back pain, unexplained weight loss, digestive problems, and light colored stools. Some prevention solutions for pancreatic cancer are to reduce fatty red meats and processed meats and add two servings of red and yellow vegetables.




2.      Brain Cancer: Brain tumors include all tumors inside the cranium or in the central spinal canal. They are created by an abnormal and uncontrolled cell division, usually in the brain itself, but also in lymphatic tissue, in blood vessels. Any brain tumor is inherently serious and life-threatening because of its invasive and infiltrative character in the limited space. Because the brain is well protected by the skull, the early detection of a brain tumor only occurs when diagnostic tools are directed at the intracranial cavity. Usually detection occurs in advanced stages when the presence of the tumor has caused unexplained symptoms. Brain cancer warning signs are as follows: nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, tingling in the arms or legs, personality or behavior changes, seizures, and drowsiness. Factors that increase your rick of brain cancer include: elderly persons over the age of fifty, three or more CAT scans to head/neck area, and finally heavy cell-phone use (thanks mom, you weren't nutsJ). Some solutions to these risks would be to use an earpiece with your cell phone, track your headaches, and eliminate processed and fatty meats.


3.      Esophageal Cancer: Esophageal cancer usually begins in the cells that line the inside of the esophagus. Esophageal cancer can occur anywhere along the esophagus, but in people in the United States, it occurs most often in the lower portion of the esophagus. Depending on the location of the cancer you may not even notice it. Warnings signs are difficulty swallowing (dysphasia), chest pain, weight loss, hiccups, and pneumonia. Factors that increase your risk include a high acidic diet and smoking. Some preventative methods are to wait three hours after your dinner to allow food to digest before going to bed and treat heartburn with antacids.


4.      Liver Cancer: Liver cancers are malignant tumors that grow on the surface or inside the liver. Liver tumors are discovered on medical imaging equipment (often by accident) or present themselves symptomatically as an abdominal mass. Warning symptoms: fatigue, anemia, upper abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Higher risks of liver cancer are associated with obesity and high alcoholic consumption. How do you prevent liver cancer? Your preventative methods include: eliminate processed sugars and get a Hepatitis B vaccine.


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5.      Skin Cancer: Skin cancer causes skin growths with varying degrees of malignancy. Warning signs are very noticeable including: irregular moles, growths, and patches. Risks are associated with people with fair complexion and light colored eyes (this means one doesn't have as much melanin which actually protects the skin) and having severe sun burns.


 Preventitive Methods for other common cancers


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This is a very interesting blog post. A lot of people know about some types of cancers, but not many know the symptoms or risks associated with them. The one that caught my eye the most was about Brain Cancer & how heavy cell phone use can be linked to it. I know that being at college, I use my cell phone a LOT more than ever before. I wonder if using the cell phone a lot in a short amount of time (4 years) has any of the links to brain cancer, or if it's extensive heavy use that causes it? This article has some interesting explanations on how/why cell phones might be linked to brain cancer!

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