As we approach the final blog period, I am sure many of you want to receive better grades!  So it is time for many of you to step up your game.  Although many of you are doing exceptionally well, keep up the good work.  You never know if you could do even better than the last time!

In honor of this new and final marking period, here are some tips for improvements.

I.  Thoroughly read the syllabus.  And in case you haven't yet I will outline the criteria for an "Excellent A" mark. 

    1. More than 1 entry per week, more than 3 comments per week.
      1. Try to exceed these!  Last year, I would try to leave a comment or two every night before I went to bed.  I also tried to post at least 3 times a week.
    2. Entries should be "conceptually sophisticated, engaged in a substantive way with the material."
    3. Comments:  Analyze the posts of others and extend the discussion in a new direction.  You should also try to relate these comments to previous discussions in the classroom and online.
    4. Post should pertain to the material but should make a creative and meaningful point that extends beyond the material.
    5. The post should be organized around a central point, concise, and express striking theories/ ideas  
    6. Clear and easy to read style
    7. Reference reading, personal experiences/ stories, experts, etc. These references should strongly support the main idea or position you are taking. 
    8. Draw course material into connection with relevant issues of the day.  You can do this by referencing blogs, websites, articles, etc.
      1. My best advice for this is scan the newspaper/ online website daily and look until you stumble upon an interest that pertains to the course material.  

  1. Do not just focus on QUANTITY, focus on the QUALITY of your posts.  If you just try to bang out numerous blogs, you will most likely forget about all the other criteria and sound superficial.  
  2. In both your posts and comments, make it a goal to start a discussion.  You could ask though provoking questions to make people think critically.  Then, they could answer or share their opinions through commenting.  Make a point about the topic/ material.  Maybe share personal stories that relate or your opinion on the subject matter.  
  3. Do not be so superficial in explaining/ critiquing/ etc. your articles and sources.  Do not stay so much on the surface of the topic. Dive into it. Critique it, This could lead to devising questions others can answer.  
  4.   PICTURES.  VIDEOS.  ETC.  Draw people in to read your posts! 


This is your last marking period to receive your desired grade and make yourself stand out.  DO NOT wait until the last few days, even weeks.  Start now, and consistently work throughout the whole marking period.  Make it count! 

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