Do ducks like the rain?

This is a question I have been wondering for sometime now. It always seems that every time it rains, the ducks from the alumni center come out of the pond and wander around campus. I always find them in a giant puddle that seems to form right outside my dorm. They also like to hang out on Old Main Lawn I have discovered. I always walk by them and wonder why don't they just stay in their pond, there is plenty of water there and the giant puddle outside my dorm is smaller than their pond so why go there? According to this article ducks like the rain because they can access insects and larvae more easily during the wet season. However, it also says that they do not like then drenching rains and also rain can be harmful to the baby ducks. Apparently ducks do not have that great of a love for rain like I thought. They just like it in the long run because it gives them water for their pond. 
Some theories I have about why I always see ducks out and about in the rain are pretty random but may be true. Maybe they go to seek cover somewhere else because their pond is in the open. Ducks might not like to be completely wet and when they are sitting in their pond and being rained on they get soaked. This could be the prime feeding time for larvae and insects and they are going out to eat. Or maybe they just like to go exploring but don't like to be out of the water for too long so they only go exploring when it rains. Sure some of these theories are ridiculous but there does not seem to be any explanation. I might be the only person that notices this, but next time is rains walk by old main or south halls and you will see the ducks just hanging out there enjoying the rain. 


Here is a song that seems to agree with my statement of ducks liking the rain. 


I have also seen these little duckies all over campus, especially in the spring, wading through the puddles! I love the cute baby ducks, swimming in those little puddles it looks so cute! But I have also wondered about this question of why they would bother to leave their nice, big, pond? I think that maybe some of your hypotheses could be right - especially about the food. It would make sense to go look for food at that time because the worms and other things are seen more often in the rainy days. Here's a cool article that actually did a study on what kind of water ducks like best! Check it out!

Something else I have wondered about these ducks, as well as the squirrels and birds on and around campus, is why they are so fearless around everyone! Obviously it makes sense that they will be used to a lot of people being around, but I have seen the whole flock of ducks trying to bum a sand which off of a kid on a bench. My friend back home has pet ducks and they won't let you within a 3 feet of them. I always wonder if the parent ducks have a way of teaching them not to be afraid of people, or if its something that they figure out on their own. I have a feeling it is a combination of both...

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