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We all have heard since we began school that we have five basic senses, but what if we are capable of a sixth sense? I recently had a conversation with my girlfriend and somehow we are always guessing what the other is thinking or we know what the other is going to ask for before the question is asked. This recently got me thinking tonight when I asked her to buy me my favorite Gatorade and she had already purchased it for me.

ESP, also know as extrasensory perception, is considered by some as a sixth sense. It is rumored that ESP has been a sense known to man as far back as biblical times. ESP is defined as perception occurring independently of sight, hearing or other sensory processes. There have been many studies done to test and see if this is indeed and actual sense. As you can imagine there is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic. The major problem is that the scientific community rejects ESP because of the absence of solid evidence, the lack of a theory that explains and the lack of experimential techinques that can support the presence of ESP with reliable results.

It is highly believed that individuals when put through testing can successfully predict an outcome of various events such as the placement of cards in a specific order. However, this is not reliable data that science can rely on. Some believe that a persons level of ESP is determined by the scale in which they take risk.

In my opinion ESP is plausible but it needs to be rest in a more accurate and specified method. There have been may occasions when I have thought I was capable of predicting certain things.









I agree that there needs to be more testing of ESP using the scientific method.

Melvin, I see that you have not been active yet in this final marking period. If you are looking for a higher mark, you need to be creating more than one post and more than three comments EACH week.

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