6 Foods That Cause Pain




We all know that we get happy when we see food. Truth is: There are negative effects of food that can cause pain. Here are some foods you should think twice about before eating/eating so much of:




protein.jpg1. Red and Processed Meats: Anyone with inflamatory related disorders like arthritis or tendonitis should not eat too much of this because it causes inflamation causing redness and swelling.

2. Cheeses: Can trigger migranes for those who get cronic migranes. The substance in cheese, Tyramine, can trigger them.

3. Artificial Sweeteners: Can cause indigestion, diharrea, and flatulence.  The substance Sorbitol causes this.

4. Milk Products: Lactose intolerant people are in specific danger. Lactose is a natural sugar produced but cannot digest properly and causes tons of damage for Lactose intolerant people.

5. MSG: Intensifies pain symptoms, so people with Fibromyalgia suffer 10X as worse as others.

6.  Chocolate: Chocolate can cause kidney stones with the substance called  Oxalate.


So, next time you eat these things, eat them in moderation so that you won't get any proceeding problems.  


I found this blog post very interesting. I never knew that some of these foods could potentially be dangerous or harmful and cause a person pain. One food that I found particularly interesting was chocolate. I never knew that it could contribute to the cause of kidney stones. According to this article, eating a lot of chocolate can also make you gain weight, experience migraines and have trouble sleeping due to the caffeine it contains.

I suppose that all of these foods are pretty much like anything else: if you go overboard, you'll pay a price. Moderation is key in everything. One thing I noticed is that most of the food items you have listed and in the picture are high in fat, so that's reason enough to avoid overdoing it.

Of course, this is not to say that eating these foods is bad. I don't think someone should think twice before eating a steak or weigh the consequences of eating a slice of cheese. Do you think twice when you put a pill the doctor prescribed you in your mouth? I know I don't, and those are full of things that are bad in excessive use.

Regardless, great post on something that I've never heard!

I guess all food is sort of a double-edged sword.
While each of those foods may come with a price, it also comes with many benefits as well.
Red meat is a great source of iron and other important nutrients.
Artificial sweeteners are probably not the best, but they do lower your risk of cavities and caloric intake.
Milk and cheese are one of the only good sources of calcium we eat regularly- and who doesn't love chocolate milk from the creamery?
MSG is... okay, I'll leave that one alone.
Chocolate, at least dark chocolate, has been proven to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and all chocolate works as a mood-booster. This is a nice article on the benefits of chocolate, and tips for how to eat it healthily and in limited quantities. As if, haha.

This was so interesting, I had no idea that food could cause pain. Especially, I had never heard that cheese could cause migraines! I also knew that MSG was very unhealthy, but I didn't know why. Thanks for the good information. Here's a website about lactose intolerance.

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