Why laughing makes you feel so good

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When we are sad, people try to get us to laugh to feel better. When we finally do laugh, we actually do feel better. Why does laughing feel so good?


Well, a group of scientists have been studying laughing and think they know why laughing might have a feel-good effect.


This article says the scientists believe it is the physical act of laughing, rather than an intellectual pleasure, that makes laughing feel so right. According to the study, the muscular movements associated with laughing increase the production of endorphins, a chemical that is known to make people feel good.


The study thinks they have answered the question of do we feel good because we laugh or do we laugh because we feel good? They believe the answer is we feel good because we laugh.


The study was done by measuring resistance to pain after laughing. The results found that laughing increased pain resistance. The article says that pain resistance is typically used to measure endorphins because endorphins are hard to measure since they do not show up in blood samples. So now if you ever feel sad, you know that laughing can actually make your sadness go away. If you are even in pain, just laugh it off because your tolerance to pain will be increased!


This is very interesting especially after today's lecture about prayer and healing. A study should be done with laughter and smiles. I think there could possibly be a corralation with laughter and good health. Everyone should smile at least once a day...

Despite the results of the study, it is really difficult to force yourself to laugh when you are sad or injured. It may help if it can be done, but I don't think I'd be able to get myself to laugh if I was deeply depressed or seriously injured.

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