Twins with Different Fathers.... WHAT?



   As I said before in a previous blog, I am a youtube junkie. As I was watching shocking Maury results online in boredom, I saw a woman who was looking for the father of her fraternal twins. Though the man she brought to the show was in fact the father of one son, he tested negative for her second son. First thing I thought was, really Maury how dumb do you think America is? However, after the audience stopped yelling and jumping out their seats, he explained this phenomenon happens in less than 1% of twins. These twins, also called  peaked my curiosity so I did some research and decided the blog would be a perfect place to document my findings.

         Let's take it back to living environment. We all know fraternal twins come from 2 fertilized eggs that are in the uterine wall at the same time. What you may not know is that sperm can survive up to 5 days in the reproductive tract. If a woman has sex with a different man within that period, a double conception can happen. Some studies say there is a one in a million chance this happens to a woman. Other studies say up to 2% of twins have different fathers but no one notices.

         As suprised as I was to hear about heteropaternal superfecundation, I thought well isn't it possible for twins to get skin complexions from their ancestors of different races? Though I didn't find any information specially about that, I did discover some twins are actually born with two drastically different skin complexions with the same set of parents. One couple, both with Black fathers and White mothers , gave birth to fraternal twins. After giving birth, the parents realized one daughter had blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes while their other daughter had black hair, brown skin and blue eyes ( that later turned dark brown). The chances of a biracial couple having Black and White twins is another million to one ratio amongst twins. Skin color is composed of seven combined genes. When the egg and sperm come together among biracial parents, usually a mixed child occurs due to the variety of genes in the egg/sperm. However, it is possible either the sperm or the egg had all White color genes and the other had all Black color genes, thus resulting in children of two different races.


    I also I also discovered twins  with interracial parents are also likely to be born of two different races. It is possible that the father or mother is a heterozygote, which simply means they carry gene coding for light skin and dark skin. In that case, each one of the children has a 50% chance of being light or dark. If the other parent has a stronger White or Black gene one of their children can also come out looking completely different such as the picture below.



 And for anyone who was wondering, mixed blood animals can also have offspring of different colors. It's amazing what genes are capable of!  




Lexi this was one of the most interesting blog posts I have read. I have never heard of this happening before and when I saw your title and read the first sentence I was hooked. This is fascinating and so strange that this happens. I never even would have thought this was possible until I read you post. This inspired me to do some further digging and this article says that this can also occur during IVF. I am curious to see if this will ever happen again since it is so rare.

This story is interesting. However, I feel this is a great reason why people need to stop sleeping around. Imagine if you were one of these twins. Wouldn't you want to know why you look completely different from your twin and as their mother having to explain why her twins look different.

This is wild! I guess it makes sense. Actually, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more. I would be willing to bet the prevalence of this is more than 1%, but as you said, people don't really bother to notice or think it's possible. If an egg ends up in the uterine wall one day, there's no reason it shouldn't be able to happen a day or two later. Funny, though, that this girl in particular couldn't get away with her promiscuous behavior due to the slight racial difference of her adorable twins!!

This is insane. What an interesting conversation to have with the twins when they grow up. I have never contemplated something like this occurring. This does go to show that people should not sleep around. The mother has to live with this fact for the rest of her life because the fact she had sex with two different men in the course of five days is obvious by her two children, and it would not be as bad if no one knew, but since she went on the Maury show--everyone now knows. The way the human body works is so interesting--it allows for anything to happen.

This is really cool. I saw an episode of Grey's Anatomy that was kind of like this once, but if I remember correctly, the woman had more than one uterus and the babies were actually conceived about a month or so apart.I looked into if this could actually happen and found this article It had some really cool info and I learned it actually can happen! Another way you can get twins with 2 fathers. So weird.

This was a really shocking and interesting post! I've heard rumors and stories about this happening, but I never actually believed that it was true! With the two twins in the picture you provided, one can see their differences. It's interesting to think that some twins may not actually be twins, and no one notices.

This is outrageous! I've never heard anything like this before! But, very interesting, great blog!

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