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   I was having a long conversation with my best friend and his roomate, and we were discussing the things that scare us. He started talking about his fear of appendicitis. He exclaimed he knew fifteen people who caught the mysterious infection and sharp pains often make him paranoid.I never really thought about it before but I figured it would make a great blog. I know appendicitis can be fatal and I believed it wasn't a relevant organ in our body. But how true are these claims?

     The appendix is located inside the large intestine and for unknown reasons it can burst and put toxins in your blood. Originally evolution claims our ancestors fed on raw and uncooked meat. The appendix at that time broke down the rough foods they ate. However, as times have drastically changed the appendix has served little purpose in our daily lives. For years people have been using this argument. However, after doing some research, the appendix definately serves as a vital part of our lives.

  During our eleventh week of development,endocrine cells with the help of the appendix in the fetus help to ultimately create a state of homeostasis as humans. The appendix also suppresses destructive antibodies by promoting immunity in the surrounding areas of the body. Last but not least, the appendix also serves as a plan b organ. During reconstructive surgery the appendix is used to replace the bladder in case it needs to be removed. So next time someone tells you their appendix is completely unnecessary, tell them they're wrong.




Wow! I find this extremely interesting because I was always told that the appendix serve no function in a modern-day human. I was always told it was when "cavemen" would eat raw meat, hair, or even finger/toenails. Appendicitis is a very serious condition, and it is good to know that a fully developed human can live without it, but I had no idea that it is so crucial when a child is in the womb. What do you think would happen if, as evolution progresses, children are not born with appendix anymore?

I agree that this an extremely scary yet intriguing topic. Just recently one of my cousins had to have his appendix removed because it had started to swell. Is it possible that people would get sick more often due to the lack of an appendix to maintain immunity in the body?

@Jordan that's a good question, I think the because of it's underlying importance in the body evolution may not eliminate the appendiz. However, if it does the outcome shouldn't be too disastrous. @Suzanne I never thought about that but it probably does have some type of impact on our immunity.

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