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In The 1930s, Soviet scientist Dr. Sergey Brukhonenko Chopped off a dogs head, discarded that dog's body, and kept the severed dog's head alive with a machine that would act as both it's heart and lungs.


Dr. Brukhonenko then shined light into the eyes belonging to the severed dog head and observed the dog blinking. He also created loud noises and observed the dog's head flinching. Lastly, and most disturbingly, he fed the dog head and observed the food simply going into the dog's mouth and falling out of its throat back onto the table.

Now that everyone is truly disgusted, I want to add that this experement and others like it are in large part responsible for what we now know as the Heart-Lung machine. More than a half million patients undergo open heart surgery in the United States each year. Most of these surgeries could not be performed without the aid of a Heart-Lung machine, and Heart Lung machines would not have come about without this type of animal experimentation.

Scientists would have figured out the Heart-Lung machine eventually with or without animal experimentation you say? Maybe, but not in the same time frame. Inarguably, at the very least, the introduction of the Lung-Heart machine would have been delayed and human lives would have been lost had it not been for the cruel animal experimentation performed by Dr.  Brukhonenko and his contemporaries.

So, science has left us with a moral conundrum. We love our dogs. We also love our mothers. If you had to sacrifice your dog to this kind of cruel experimentation knowing that the resulting technology would one day give you more time with your mother, would you do it? 

Dog Lovers Beware! Video of Dr. Brukhonenko's experiments can be found Here.




You bring up a very interesting and controversial question. One that I feel that would even force SOME animal activists to question their motives. However, I still can not see experimentation of this severity occurring today. People raise hell when makeup is tested on animals. You should do more posts on different kinds of animal testing.

I agree with Carolyn that this experiment can not be conducted in our day and age. There are too many animal rights activists and too many ethical boundaries that are pushed with the above article.

This is a website about PETA and their standards on protecting animals.

PETA on their ethical issues

However Justin rises a great dilemma..."choose your dog or choose your ailing mother to live?" This question should be answered with another question. Are there alternative methods for testing products and other scientific experiments without the use of wildlife? Yes, there are alternative methods. One method in particular is the use of computer models and simulations. As Professor Andrew explained in class, a scientist was interested if a giraffe was capable of swimming. So instead of actually throwing a giraffe into a river bed and see if it were to "sink or swim" the researcher came up with a digital simulation that fulfilled his inquiry.

I honestly feel that any form of animal testing is acceptable if it is for medical research or to test products to make sure they're safe for for humans. While computer simulations should be used if possible a scientist should ask himself, "Will a computer simulation really be as efficient as animal testing to determine whether this will help or harm humans"?

Sabrina, you bring up a very interesting should look into specific examples of these alternative methods and share with the class. I would be very interested to see what else they have out there instead of testing on defenseless creatures.

Thomas, you also bring up a good point in sharing your personal opinion. I know that some individuals very strongly oppose ALL animal testing while others put the human race above ALL types of animals. Then there are also those in between who oppose testing on certain animals while feeling indifferent about the others. Where would you guys draw the line? I.e, do you think it is okay to test on animals such as rats, but testing on monkeys and bunnies should be prohibited?

Also, EVERYONE please note: Do not attack other oppinions-we are all entitled to have our own points of views on these matters. We should all feel comfortable sharing these opinions in this course without fear of being attacked. I mean, it is called "Science in Our World: Certainty and CONTROVERSY." People should be feel secure in openly discussing these controversies.

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