Near Death Experience

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Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences always astonished me. It is truly amazing how the human body can go from life to death then instantly back to life once more. A fellow co-worker at my hometown pharmacy one day shared his story of a near death experience. I had no idea he was a victim. He was younger than I, a sixteen year old still in high school. The way he described it to me was very interesting. He recalls that his entire life flashed before his eyes. He could hear the nervous voices around him and I even believed he mentioned talking to one if his deceased family members. It sounds cliché but his words were sincere. Analyzing this story I pondered, presuming the brain is dead how would it be possible for the brain to remember what occurred during a near death experience?

This question deserved some well looked into research, and this is what I found. There have been many relatively recent studies on consciousness. The current theory is that consciousness is where the memories are stored, not the brain. Many scientists have postulated that, as an information storage unit, the brain cannot possibly hold all the information. Therefore, the brain is more of an accessing unit much like a radio receiver. Additional findings have shown that rather we store a core memory attached to an emotion and then file it in a concept area in the brain. When we retrieve our memories, we are programmed to "fill in the gaps." Therefore brain memories rarely are 100% totally accurate. However, that being said, the NDEs report 100% life reviews of every thought, deed, and how we made others feel. This is the consciousness that survives death. When consciousness returns to the body it takes typically 7 years to have those intense memories of the NDE to funnel through the brain. It is such an intense experience that it may create the brain to store that memory as what is known as a "flashbulb moment." These are times that the brain takes a picture of a particular instance, usually occurring in times of heightened sensory and emotional input or life-threatening moments. These memories are ingrained in the brain and the person can recall like it happened yesterday.

One little girls near death experience

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This is an interesting piece but why would the "flashbulb moment" happen as where passing? or almost passing? Someone once said "what if that light at the end of the tunnel was us passing from this world and once we walked into it we would be babies being born again?". That is not something you could find out from science but it is something interesting to think about.

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