How to attract a woman


This article says a study was done and it found that women have a clear preference for men with low, deep voices. Women were shown pictures of different objects and listened to the objects name being said with high or low pitched male or female voices. When the voices were low pitched male voices, the objects name was remembered more often.

Mate choice effects things such as pregnancy, and a low male voice may be used as an indicator of a healthy male. The deep voice is a sign of masculinity. I think this probably goes back many years ago because I don't think people consciously think about a person's voice pitch before they start dating. It's probably something that women do without even realizing they are doing it.

The researchers are going to further look in to this study. Now, they are going to focus on how menstrual cycle and geographical location affect a women's preference.

Though the article said the researchers suggested not trying to manipulate your voice pitch as that may backfire, I found this guide on how to make your voice deeper for all the males out there.


I heard once that deeper voices were naturally selected in us because it is a sign of masculinity, which is why men generally have lower voices then women. However,
this article states that women think that men with deeper voices are more likely to cheat on them. Then again it is Fox News.

It's interesting to see how, as humans, years of evolution and natural selection have caused us to have certain preferences that we aren't even aware of. It's like they're programmed into us.

Interestingly, I have noticed that my dog at home also cares about the deepness of ones voice! I say this because over the years I have continually noticed his increase responsiveness to deeper voices over higher voices. As suggested, deeper voices resemble masculinity and sternness while higher voices may come off as more friendly. When I tell my dog to sit in the deepest voice I can, he reacts immediately. If any of you have a dog, try it out!

its interesting to think about what really attracts men to women or women to home. on my home last weekend i was listening to a radio station and they were talking about some research study that was done, explaining what women find attractive in men and vice versa. The results were actually really bizzare things, i tried looking up the article but I couldnt find. However, i found this article ( ) that discusses red actually enhances men's attraction. check it out!

Personally, I don't think there's a set guide of any sort on how to attract women- it's not like there's some how to guide or a step-by-step process that can turn someone from unattractive to attractive just by doing certain things or acting a certain way. However, I do think there may be some truth to the tenor of someone's voice. Men (and women, technically) all have testosterone, but in different amounts- it varies from guy to guy. I've been under the impression that men with more testosterone in their systems tend to have deeper voices, so from an evolutionary perspective, I could see this as a possibility. If you decide to deepen your voice, though, women won't just instantly start falling over themselves to be with you.

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