How Does Music Make You Feel?


Have you ever found yourself listening to a sad piece of music and felt yourself become a bit depressed your self? Or have you ever been down and turned on an upbeat song to get you out of that funk? I often use music to sway my emotions and sometimes to match what I am feeling. In an article titled "Why Music Moves Us" the effects of music on the brain are discussed.


Music is able to affect the physiology of our body! Studies show that listening to exciting music actually increases our heart and breathing rates, and causes adrenaline to enter the bloodstream. Most people who work out listen to music that has a fast beat for this reason, and also because it makes exercising more enjoyable. Music has the ability to energize us through our physiology and can wake us up and get us pumped!

In that same line of thought, music with a slower tempo can calm you down. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is lowered in the blood when your body is exposed to music that is calmer. Lullabies, for instance, are sung to babies in order to sooth them to sleep. The tranquility of a lullaby can lower the heart and respiration rate in order to put someone at peace.

Music has also been found to increase a sense of togetherness across a broad range of communities. Similarly to the way we all sing our Alma Mater or "Hey Baby" at a football game, we feel a bond over music. Research suggests that the reason for this is due to the superior sulcus part of the brain. This part is associated with a wide range of things including nonverbal social cues and body movements. The next time you find yourself singing along to "Shout" before the 3rd quarter with 110, 000 thousand other people wearing blue and white remember why!


This is such a good blog. As a former music major i was always interested in how music affected the person mood. I know from experience it certainly affects mine. And i have a whole bunch of friends who say it has the same affect on them also. Its such a power of the mind and body that music to help your moods has become a major in colleges and a profession, music therapy.

What an interesting post! I always knew that music affected me, and now there's scientific proof to back it up. Unsurprisingly, music also affects other animals. This article tells how music affects dogs. I've also heard how music affects horses, especially for horse shows. Keep up the good blogging!

I love this blog! Particularly because it shares the same topic as my 8th grade science project. In my project, I did an experiment measuring several subjects breathing rates during 5 different songs of varying tempos. It's pretty crazy how music sways humans both physically and emotionally. i guess that's why they say "music makes the world go 'round!"

This blog definitely caught my attention because music has always been a big part of my life and I've always said, "You can tell a lot about a person by their music taste". Music can definitely influence our moods and feelings, which is something I really love. Great article and interesting post!

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