Explaining the Bermuda Triangle


Ever since I was a kid, I was always interested by the unique shows that channels such as the History or Discovery Channel put on. Sometimes they were about Bigfoot, crop circles, aliens building the pyramids, and sometimes they were about the Bermuda Triangle. Practically everyone has heard of this mysterious area, a region contained by Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Countless ships and airplanes have been lost in this area without definite explanation as to why. Some blame extraterrestrial or supernatural occurences, but I've always believed that these occurrences could be explained by science.


According to this website, there are "underwater methane fields" located in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, which can have devastating effects on the ships that pass through. Methane eruptions rising to the surface can be extremely violent and explosive, thus causing the disappearance of ships.

The area of the Bermuda Triangle is also known to have "magnetic abnormalities". The US Navy website explains that in some areas, compasses can differ "by as much as 60 degrees at various locations around the World". With their compasses out of whack, it would be extremely easy for ships to veer off course and get very lost.

Another explanation would be the Gulf current present in this area. The speed of the Gulf Stream can reach up to 2 m/sec. Since this stream can be considered a separate entity in the ocean, it can carry away boats with engine trouble, or planes attempting to make a landing in the ocean.

Another interesting consideration would be Rogue Waves. Rogue waves are what they sound like: spontaneous, deadly waves that occur far out in the ocean. These could explain how ships can be toppled over suddenly. We can never forget to include human error and hurricanes as possible causes for the missing planes and ships reported in the Bermuda Triangle.

Some still may believe that too many ships and planes have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle to be explained through science. There are theories that the United States government has built something top secret in that area and does not want anyone to find out about it. What do you think? Do you believe that the infamous Bermuda Triangle is simply a scientific anomaly, or is there something occurring there that hasn't been explained yet?






I don't think there is anything supernatural about the Bermuda Triangle. Once the methane eruption theories came to the forefront, I pretty much decided that was the most logical explanation. The rogue waves makes sense too. Overall, I always wondered if it was merely a focus on those ships getting lost instead of the amount of vessels traversing the area combined with the probability/statistics of average occurrences.

Ghost ships still scare the hell out of me though.

I think that the ships are do get lost due to the compass changing in the area by more than 60 degrees. I also believe that maybe a fear of the area causes people to lose concentration. I want to believe that its something supernatural, but I think there are just too many scientific theories.

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