Do you get Drunk Faster with a Straw?

It's a pretty well established fact that in college, everyone drinks.  And when college kids drink, it's not like old people having a glass of wine to enjoy with dinner.  Nope, we drink to have fun...and then we drink some more.  But what if there was a way to get drunk without drinking as much?  It would definitely be cheaper, and when you're in college, that's always a plus.  Many people have claimed that drinking alcohol through a straw gets you drunk faster than drinking it regularly.  


Proponents of the Straw theory have two primary claims.  First, when drinking through a straw, people usually drink faster than if they were drinking regularly.  Because they are ingesting more alcohol in a shorter period of time, they will clearly get more drunk faster.  Secondly, a straw creates a vacuum, which eliminates oxygen.  The feeling of intoxication is created in part, because of the lack of oxygen entering us, so when we form a vacuum with a straw, we should naturally get more drunk.  Additionally, by creating a vacuum with the straw, the boiling point of alcohol falls, and alcohol vapors are created within the straw, then inhaled into the lungs.  This gets the alcohol into the bloodstream much faster than normal ingestion via the stomach.

However, many opponents of the straw method say that although this science is true, the difference would be so negligible it wouldn't even be noticeable.  The New York Times even went a step further in ts Q&A section, writing that "There is no evidence that people get drunk faster if they drink alcoholic beverages through a straw, according to the National Institute on Alcoholic Abuse."  And even the folks at Mythbusters weighed in on the topic, when it was posted in the community forums of their website, claiming that it was "Busted."

So what do you think? Personally I've never noticed the effect (although as a self-respecting guy, I'm not usually one to use a straw), but I think It just might be a fun experiment to do at the bars this weekend.


Sounds like it would save a lot of time! I'm not exactly sure though if it is safe. If we drink just as much alcohol as usual but through a straw it could be dangerous. I have to say though, it would be fun to try.

I think the results to a experimental study of this sort would be really plausible and cool to see if could ever be proven true. The data makes sense, if the oxygen is eliminated through the "straw vacuum," a person should technically feel drunk faster. It could be beneficial to college kids, save money and still have the effect! This website,, says that sipping alcohol through a straw does make it more potent!

This is a funny blog post -- I too had heard the story that straws speed up the intoxication process, but I'm glad that finally it's just a myth. I think it's important to point out though that not all college students do drink, as shown by Penn State's large Muslim population, most of whom don't drink for religious reasons. Interesting topic, though...keep up the good work!

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