Do animals know right from wrong?


Many biologits believe that animals have emotions just like humans do. Animals even have personalities... What do you think?

I found an article where scientists talk about how different animals express human emotions. The article talks about how elephants can experience the emotion of grief and how rats get excited when they have other rats to play with. Not only do humans and animals share some emotions, but animals also have similar brain structures to humans.

I also found another article called Animals Can Tell Right From Wrong. This article talks about how wolves use justice, or know right from wrong, because dominant wolves will let weaker wolves bite them, they also won't play too roughly with them because the dominant wolves know they are stronger. Chimpanzees also treat other chimpanzees who may be disabled or weaker in a fair way.

A man named Professor Berkoff did some research and found that there have been instances when whales will help humans get away from sharks. Also, there have been experiments done with rats. Rats will not take the food away from another rat if it knows it will cause the rat pain in some way. Animals are extremely intelligent wouldn't you say?


Hey nice blog! I absolutely think animals know right from wrong. My cats Twix and Heather are total opposites. Twix is an angel and Heather is a "b-word." Anyway, Twix has a very expressive face and I swear she gets embarrassed of her sister when Heather is acting out. My boyfriend's family also has 3 dogs and one of them, the bad one Licorice, always runs away. When the puppy, Patches, saw Licorice run away, she immediately came running into the house to tell us. Good dog. Good blog.

Hey Kayla! This is a great topic. As an animal lover and pet owner I was always inquisitive about if animals can percieve if another animal is weaker, stronger, or a threat to them. But my curiousity goes farther. Can an animal determine the differences between humans also? I have read some articles that mostly depict dogs as having a sense to when their owners are upset or depressed.

Dogs can read humans like humans can read eachother, by body language and facial expression. Although this is only a theory it does bring about alot of relevant facts about why our pets, especially dogs, act differently when their master is in a depressive or angry state.

Dogs Can Sense Emotions

Great blog! I definitely think that animals know right from wrong. My dog has exhibited a lot of behavior proving he has morals. For example, when he takes food that he knows he should not have, he runs to hide under the table and looks incredibly guilty (adorable, but guilty). He also knows that when we "wrestle" and just play around, he is careful to never bite down on my hand too hard because he knows that his teeth will hurt me. My dog can also tell when I am upset or scared, and is sure to never leave my side.

Amazingly, dogs also know when their master has passed away. This article shows one dog sticking by his master, a fallen Navy SEAL, aware that he is in the casket.

A very interesting topic. Now here's the part I'm sure many people will have issues with, that I have come to understand. Emotions, all that we experience, happiness hate, anger, jealousy, are nothing more than chemical reactions within our body. Nothing more. There is much to be said on that topic, but for now I will just make that statement because, if we hold it to be true, then animals, the more biologically sophisticated of course, can also share in "emotion" as they can experience the same chemical reactions and imbalances. The main difference arises from sentience and consciousness, which are a completely and uniquely, human trait. As for animals knowing right from wrong, we see, with all of your examples, the mentality of a herd or pack, therefore I would postulate that it is nothing more than their natural instinct to protect and care for the well being of their micro-society, though they do not perceive it in the same context as we do. Quite an intriguing article.

What a wonderful topic! I, for one, have a golden retriever who may as well be human in terms of how well he interprets emotion and feeling. Also, the fact that certain animals have brain structures similar to those of humans is very interesting and could very well be a topic of interest when it comes to evolution. Very good blog!

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