Celebrities and Cellulite

When you hear "celebrity" u usually think rich, young and most importantly beautiful. But websites like mediatakeout.com shows the other side of celebs. One thing Media take out is usually posting about is Rhianna and her "cellulite". Rhianna cellulite.jpg

Well according to http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/149465.php cellulite is "the dimpled appearance of skin cause by fat deposits that are just below the surface of the skin". But what cause them? And Why would someone like Rihanna have them? 

Well there isn't a real cause of cellulite but there are theories. One is that cellulite comes from lack of diet and exercise. That explains how some people have it but not Rihanna who obviously stays in shape.  AJ_RIHANNA3.jpgwell apparently its also possible to get from genetics (from your parents) or tight clothing that cut off across your buttock. There isn't really a cure for cellulite and the best advice I guess would be to eat less carbs, more vegetables and to wear looser clothing. 


This is interesting. It does not surprise me that a media site would be talking about Rhianna's cellulite, because there isn't anything else as important as that right? Anyways, I never knew that wearing tight jeans/clothes could trigger cellulite. I wonder if it is every tight pants or if there is a certain tightness that has to be reached to really cause the cellulite. I wear pants that are comfy not ones that cut of my circulation or are too small for me.

I think its funny how much people look to the media for how they are suppose to look. Many women have cellulite and the media somehow addresses it as a woman's imperfections or something. It doesn't surprise me that some celebrities have this problem because they are humans too, despite what Cosmopolitan may tell you.

Here's a website that I found that can tell you some more about cellulite and how its a natural occurrence if you are interested.


I'm glad you posted about this. I posted about body image and the media earlier and I think that this relates to it. It must be so difficult to be in the spotlight all the time. I couldn't even image someone taking pictures of my butt of the time! Yikes! She is so fit though and I always wondered why some people have it and some don't. I learned a lot with this thanks! Here is a link with facts about cellulite and the explanation if those creams work or not!


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