Birth Control Pills and...memory?

When googling "interesting science topics", I stumbled upon an interesting study that was conducted revealing that women who take birth control pills are likely to experience changes in their memory where the amount of detail revolving around an emotional event is reduced. This article discusses the study that was conducted. Groups of women, both on the Pill and off of it, were shown photographs of a mother, son, and car accident. The audio narration was different in the groups, as one described that the car hit the curb while the other group was told that the car hit the boy and severely injured him. A week later, the women were given surprise tests to see how much of the scenarios they remembered. The women using birth control for at least one month remembered the basic details of the narration, while the women who were not on birth control remembered more specific details, such as the background scenery.

birth control pills for blog.jpgThese findings could be linked to why women are more frequent sufferers of post-traumatic stress than men, and how men and women remember things differently. While men remember the basis of things rather than details, women typically remember more details. However, women who are on the pill seem to be remembering emotional events the same way men do.

What do you guys think?


Huh, that's pretty interesting. I heard that being on the pill changes you a bit, but I never heard of this.

I wonder if there's any difference for pre-pubescent girls. And maybe pregnant women.

That's very interesting...what I think is important to remember, and as this article points out, memory isn't any worse. The studies seem to indicate that the woman just remember different things. Do you think this is a strong enough finding to discourage certain women, like those about to take tests or in certain professions, to stop taking birth control?

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