The Read Theorem

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Over the past few months we (Nick Hordov and Jacob Margolis) have been collecting data in an attempt to correctly predict the color of Dr. Read's Polo shirt for the next class period. As we all have witnessed Dr. Read sports a wide spectrum of Polo T's, ranging from purple to plain black. We have successfully documented 16 class periods (not in order).  Our results are as follows:

Black- 37.5%
Dark blue-18.75%
Light Blue- 6.25%
Button up-12.5%

The Interesting part of our documentation is that we have never successfully predicted the color of Dr. Read's Polo T. We have been meeting before each class in discussion of what color Read's shirt would be for that day. Day after day, we have guessed two different colors, and never guessed correctly.


So we are wondering, have you figured out the "Read Theorem"?

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