Four Loko is liquid cocaine.


In the past 6 moths Four Lokos have hit campuses across the USA, and boy have they hit hard. The 23.5 ounce can has 12.5% alcohol ( double than the average beer) mixed with caffeine. If you have ever read the back of a Redbull can it specifically advises you against mixing with alcohol. Four Loko's potential danger comes from mixing a stimulant (caffeine) with a depressant (alcohol), this causes a different type of drunk, where the "caffeine high" can cover up the effect of the alcohol, thus making you want to drink more to get drunker. There have have deaths related to this drink, and a lot of  has come from it. It is not a safe drink, it causes people to black out, which is never safe. Four Loko has been compared to liquid cocaine because of the similar effect that the two substances cause. Prepare to hear a lot more about them in the future because I have a feeling it i only going to get worse.

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This is something that I have recently been concerned with, because it affects many people I know. While I admit I have never had a four lokos before, I can say, with much certainty, that the drink can prove to be deadly. My sister's roommate at Vilanova was hospitalized due to having TWO (just two!) of these beverages. What people do not understand, in my opinion, is how caffeine IS a drug, a stimulant, that does affect you. The Collegian actually had an article about this drink a few weeks ago, also deeming it "Liquid Cocaine". So how is something like this on the market? I can tell you one thing: if it stays as cheap and accessible as it has been, there will be more and more college students consuming this, possibly putting themselves in grave danger.

My friends have recently been telling me all about these adventerous drinks and all I'd like to say is no thanks! Someone told me that her friend started bleeding out of her eyes, nose, and mouth after having a four loko. Is THAT REALLY that much fun? I think not. They have been a few cases of people dying from these horrid drinks. At Wake Forrest, a study has found out that people drinking four loko are MORE likely to suffer alcohol injuries than people drinking simply alcohol, . Also, with the caffeinated substances in the drink, people are not aware that they have consumed alcohol and its side effects. They are completely oblivious. NOT FUN PEOPLE! Pull yo acts together and straighten your heads. Caffeine and alcohol DON"T mix.

I am not going to share my personal experience with four loko, but all I will say is that it was bad. These things are very dangerous for the reasons stated above. The mix of alcohol and caffeine is very dangerous. The caffeine makes you hyper while the alcohol serves as a depressant, and it makes for one bad night. Its good that they are finally making them illegal because these drinks are terrible.

Four Lokos, while it may have the added ingredient of caffeine, is just like every other alcohol as long as it is done in moderation. People who drink responsibly know how much alcohol they are putting in their bodys, they keep track of how much they have had in order to keep themselves from going over the edge. When you pick up a drink with 12.5 percent alcohol in it, you drink one. It is true that caffeine delays the effects of alcohol, but any responsible drinker knows this as well.
I have heard some talk of Four Lokos being banned in some states. I find this interesting. Yes, it has sent many college kids to the hospital, but college kids go to the hospital all the time for drinking more than they know they can handle. Banning a drink because a couple students didn't have the brain to think, oh this is equivalent to 3 beers, and it has caffeine. Instead they just drank 5. I think illegalizing the drink is for one, going to make more people want to drink it because they can't and want to see what all the fuss is about, and two, not going to help educate irresponsible drinkers figure things out on their own. When one chooses to drink, they are making their own decision of whether they believe they can handle themselves and their alcohol. I believe four lokos is a good lesson to be learned, whether its done the easy or the hard way is up to you.

I've read a lot of negative feedback about the four loko drink and other alcoholic energy drinks...I came across an article..

about PA distributors to limit the access to these toxic drinks until the Food and Drug Administration finishes a safety review.

Also, I read an article in the local paper, The Centre Daily Times that stated 9 freshmen had been hospitalized after consuming the drink. Another police report from Central Washington University that students her were found passed out were so intoxicated that the police believed they had overdosed on drugs.

In many states, the drink is in review to be banned completely..When fourloko first surfaced I heard mixed thoughts about them. Some who have bad experiences or who have gotten so drunk off of them will not try them again. I think that with the knowledge of what caffeine and alcohol mixed does to your body, and with the alcohol percentage plastered right on the can, it is one's responsibility to be cautious and know their limits when consuming alcohol.

here is the article from The Centre Daily Times:

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