For those who like to bite their nails.

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I find nail biting as one of the worst habits a person can have and always thought that this was developed at an early age. However, as a child I never attempted to bite my nails, but now it has become a tendency. It is really annoying because my nails look horrible and I just don't find the way to stop it. So I decided to do some research and find tips that can help me improve this horrible habit. 


Most, if not all of us know that bitting our nails occurs when we are stressed out, bored, nervous, inactive and even when we fall in deep thoughts. When doing this we do not think about the negative consequences that this can bring. Some believe that reducing anxiety is the first step to cure it. 

Here are some tips to help with this issue: 

This is one of the most common and cheapest one, it consist of a clear nail polish, which you have to apply to the nails. Every time you try to introduce you finger nails into your mouth it releases a bitter flavor  which discourages the habit. 

There is also a habit reversal training (HTR), which has the objective to help the individual unlearn the habit of nail biting and possibly replace it with a productive one. The effectiveness of this therapy has been shown versus placebo in children and adults. Additionally this treatment stimulus control therapy is used to identify and get rid of the stimulus that causes the biting urge.

Considering the fact that this might also create an infection in your nails can help.  You do not want to start walking around with your fingers looking like this.


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I've been biting my nails for years, I honestly don't even remember when I started. I do it when I'm stressed, nervous, anxious, excited, sad, jealous, basically it's brought on by any strong emotion I feel. I used to bite them so much it would hurt but I've gotten better over the years by telling myself I'd grow them out for the Homecoming formal or for graduation. It's a disgusting habit and I wish I didn't do it. The science behind it is pretty interesting though. I found this page about the core reason why we bite our nails. Hopefully with the stress relief college brings *rolls eyes* I'll be able to stop sometime soon. I believe that would be my greatest accomplishment during my time at Penn State.

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