The Deadliest Animal on Earth

I thought it would be a good blog topic to find out what the deadliest animal on Earth was and scare you all with amazing facts about how it kills and how quickly. I was pretty shocked with what I found, and I learned some things in the process.

When determining how deadly a creature is, two criteria are measured. First, how many people can one ounce of the creatures venom kill, and second, how long does it take to die once the venom has been injected.

Turns out, the winner is this guy:


The Box jellyfish, also known as a "sea wasp" or "marine stinger"

One ounce of the Box jellyfish's venom can kill up to 60 adults. Venom is injected through harpoon like needles called cindocytes located on the jelly's tentacles. Each tentacle has hundreds of thousands of cindocytes. The venom is so deadly that a bad sting can kill a human in 4 minutes.

Luckily for us, the deadly Box Jellys are found exclusively in the Tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean (maybe not so lucky for Andrew). Many cases of stings are reported off of the Northern Shores of Australia, the first one dating back to 1883. It has since been discovered that protection as thin as pantyhose is enough to protect from the venom. Australian lifeguards can often be seen patrolling beaches with pantyhose covering their arms and legs.

Box Jellys have been responsible for at least 64 deaths in Australia. An anti-venom has been developed that is effective, but the trouble is treating a victim quickly before the venom can kill. Sadly, the majority of the victims are children because they have a smaller body mass. In countries such as the Philippines, where health care in general is not as good, deaths are more common.

I mean really, a jellyfish? At least I found it interesting. I know someone who hasn't been in the ocean since seeing the film Jaws, if only they knew the deadly potential of the Box Jellyfish.


Hey Chris thank you very much for the very informative article. I think is so interesting to find out that the Box jellyfish is the deadliest animal in our planet, unlike common logic which would claim that the deadliest animal is the biggest. Hopefully in the near future those countries which have the potential threat of Box jellyfish on their shores, will have the antivirus on hand the reduce the death rate cause by such a small creature.

Well, I thought it was pretty interesting that you were blogging on the jellyfish because I actually came across an article about Jellyfish Smoothies. Yes, I am not lying! Apparently there are jellyfish called Aequorea victoria and they are glow in the dark.

Scientists say that by liquidizing them, they can get the GFP, the green fluorescent protein because it can help creature miniature fuel cells! They can actually be used to power nanodevices that could actually operate inside our bodies and could potentially help reverse blindness or even fight tumors

But, that was before. Now, the scientists have actually found their own way to grow their own GFP using bacteria so these jellies will no longer be a "delicious" meal.

I believe Andrew is from New Zealand, not Australia. This was an interesting article based on the two criteria the study used.

I wrote a blog weeks ago with the ten deadliest animals on earth. This jellyfish got number 4, with number 1 being the mosquito. (

I also did a blog right after that about the link Emily pasted. (

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