Multivitamins: Healthy or Harmful?


For many of us, taking a Flintstone vitamin is a fond memory of our childhood.  However, recent studies are claiming that multivitamins may not be helping your body at all and may actually be doing some harm.



Some people believe that multivitamins will boost your immunity or fill in the gaps that your diet isn't covering, but a recent article in Prevention magaine says otherwise.  it states that "  the average American woman--whether a healthy eater or not--probably won't benefit from a multivitamin."  For so many years we have assumed that a multivitamin is a good thing, but if you don't know what you're putting into your body, you may be getting too much of a certain vitamin,which could do some serious damage.  For example, too much vitatmin C can cause kidney stones and an excess of vitamin A/Beta-Carotene can eventually lead to hairloss.

This speculation reminds me of the blood letting topic we discussed in class.  For a long time doctors just believe that blood letting worked without and real evidence that it did.  Is the multivitamin situation just another example of science not really happening?


When you are talking about the multivitamin, do you mean a very general basic multivitamin, or are you talking about multivitamins specifically geared towards women? My dad is the world's biggest vitamin fan and insists that his great aunt Auria lived to be 90 solely because of vitamins (he drives me crazy). I take them once in a while, so I'm not concerned with taking everything too much, but I'm just curious as to whether or not multivitamins specifically geared towards woman have the same negative effect that you're discussing.

My dad is exactly the same way! Whenever he thinks that I "look weak" or seem out of it, he's always like, "eat some vitamins!". It's really annoying, to say the least. What about drinks like Vitamin Water? Do they satisfy our daily need for vitamins? Can you overdose? I remember my one friend telling me that he almost ate like an entire jar of the gummy bear vitamins.

I have a theory of my own. Too much of anything is bad for you. I feel like this statement holds true to many things.

Oddly enough, my dad is the same way! He is someone who is pretty much aganist taking advil or tylenol because he thinks you should know what's going into your body, but he 's all for vitamins. So, I was pretty curious as to what other articles and scientists were saying about multivitamins and apparently, this has been known for a while! According to MSNBC, out of the 21 brands they looked into, only 10 of them actually met the claims that were said on their labels.

In the article, they said, "according to president Dr. Tod Cooperman, is that one product, The Vitamin Shoppe Multivitamins Especially for Women, was contaminated with lead." I don't know about you guys but for me, I definitely do NOT want to be consuming lead in something that I thought was supposed to be beneficial.

Ironically enough, is a company that evaluates health and nutrition products while publishing news and it is based in Westchester, NY (where I'm from)!

Don't be completely resistant to take vitamins because after a study, there were still ones that managed to pass and be safe. Some of those included Centrum Silver, Member's Mark Complete Multi, One A Day Women's and Flinstones Complete (yes, the last one is surprising)

If you are interested in watching a video by Matt Lauer on The Today's Show, go right ahead! I found it pretty interesting!

My mom actually forced me into buying a bottle of vitamins before I left for college for two reasons. One because I have sort of an issue with my potassium (even though most vitamins do not have significant amounts of potassium in them) but also because she was worried I wouldn't be eating right up here and that a vitamin would give me back the nutrition I was missing.

But after reading this it makes me a little worried. Then scrolling down through the comments I saw that my vitamin is the on the "healthy" list, which reassures me. Even though I forget to take it sometimes (well most of the time I guess), apparently its not a huge deal either way which is quite the relief.

My story is similar to one above me; The odds always seem to be suprisingly against me, I am always the one to get sick and I hate it. I knew that starting college would be put in an ever more high risk environment to get sick, so I started taking Vitamins surprisingly at first I felt the difference, more energy and less tired and i got a little scared after passing bye your topic title luckily my vitamin is on the "healthy list too" =]
check out this article

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