Five Ways to Minimize Acne

In an article in USA TODAY, it explains how we all went through that awful puberty stage with the embarrassing acne which we seemed to never be able to hide.  Acne is not caused by anything the person does but rather it is hormonal and an inherited disorder. Studies have found five easy ways to minimize acne. 


1.      Take diet advice with a grain of salt.

There's no evidence that chocolate or pizza or French fries are special culprits unless you get that pizza grease on your face. It's very unlikely that a couple pieces of Halloween candy will cause an outbreak. That said, it's always wise to eat your fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein.

2.      Don't touch!

Popping and picking at pimples isn't just an unattractive habit. It can make breakouts and scarring worse.

3. Keep it clean.

Wash once in the morning, once at night and "when your skin gets sticky or sweaty," The night time is the most important time because you must wash away the oil, the makeup and the sunscreen before you go to sleep.

4. Keep it light.

It is perfectly fine to wear makeup and especially sunscreen because skin cancer is much worse than acne. But choose formulas labeled "oil-free" or "non-comedogenic."

5. Watch your hair care.

The hairline is a prime acne spot. And many people make the problem worse by using hair products that can irritate the skin or clog pores.



I find this to be the best ways to protect your face from acne. I'm glad that you said chocolate and pizza don't give people more acne because many people believe this, but it's actually the grease of the food. It's not good to be touching your face so much, especially after eating, wash your hands first! I did some research on this and found pretty much the same things you found about acne, but I have some things to add. When washing your face make sure to dry very well because removing excess moisture will help prevent pimples. Also when taking a shower if you wash your face there make sure to use a different soap for your face. If you do this it will prevent extra bacteria from getting on your face. I think this are all simple steps people can take to prevent acne.

Tara, all of these different ways to prevent yourself from getting acne are great! I 100% agree with each of the five methods given. Eating junk food does not necessarily mean that you will all of a sudden break out. It really depends on your body's DNA make up and genetics. Now if you smear a bunch of grease on your face, you most likely will break out the next day. According to this website, , as I very well did before, acne is not inherited. If you're parents had really bad acne, you most likely will get bad acne also.

Ugh! I don't even want to remember going through puberty, my forehead was the ugliest thing on earth, but thank God that stage is over now. I personally have difficulty with my face because is a mixture of dry/oily skin. In the winter I MUST wear lotion in my face unless I want to walk around campus ashy and also putting lotion in my face is not good because regardless of being oil-free it still give me that sensation of an oily skin. I also apply all the tips you gave above strictly and they work very well.Sleeping with make-up on is an ABSOLUTE no-no!

I'm so glad you blogged about this because I have been stressing about my skin all week! I can't believe that haircare products actually have an effect on my skin, that makes so much sense! I've also heard that "eating chocolate causes acne" is a false, so I am very happy that you just clarified that for me because I have a huge obsession with chocolate and don't think I could let it go for acne! Personally, I use Proactive and I don't even need the whole package, I just use the facial wash and it helps a ton. So if anyone out there is looking for an acne cure, I would definitely recommend Proactive facial wash!

I was curious about pimply popping- which is kind of gross, but I think at one time or another, we've all done it. According to a dermatology blog- - when you pop a pimple by placing your fingers/fingernails perpendicular to your sin and applying pressure, you run the possibility or actually pushing the bacteria and whatnot deeper into your skin and creating a larger issue for yourself. I know I have noticed that if I try to pop a pimple that isn't "ready" yet, it just makes it instantly worse.

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