Will chocolate really kill your dog?



dogs & chocolate.jpgI was on the phone with a friend today and she was talking about how her dog had accidently eaten a couple miniture Twix Bars. She was freaking out and wondering what to do. I decided to look online and found some interestind data.

The truth is that chocolate contains theobromine which in large amounts is toxic to dogs. On the positive side, in order for chocolate to have serious effects on dogs, they must consume a sufficent amount of it. In other words, if your dog scarfs down a couple of M & M's... he or she is going to be alright. Also, one must consider specific factors such as animal size, chocolate concentration, and animal sensitivity. One article states that clinical signs that your dog may be in trouble include "hyper excitability, hyper irritability, increased heart rate, restlessness, increased urination, muscle tremors, vomiting and diarrhea."

If anyone wants to check out specific statistics on the types of chocolate and harmful amounts dogs may induce the website i found is..


Just thought this was interesting! Enjoy and have a great weekend everybody!:)


I left a whole tolberone laying in my garage the other day and my 50lb dog scarfed the whole thing. I called the vet and he said she should be fine, but she may get a little nauseous. She is fine now, but it was certainly a concerning event.

My labrador retriever eats everything and anything. Needless to say, the freshly baked chocolate cake that my grandmother made for my cousins birthday last year looked like a piece of heaven to Casey. She ate the entire chocolate cake with chocolate icing and did not even get sick. We always were told that chocolate was poisonous to dogs but not Casey. It didn't even affect her one bit.

My dog will eat also eat everything so when you drop a piece of food you pretty much have no chance of getting it back from him. My friends always get nervous when we accidently drop a piece of a chocolate cookie or brownie or anything containing chocolate. Most people have the idea that if a dog has even like one M&M they will die immediately but after my dog consuming chocolate often enough I know that that's not the case. I'm glad you posted this article so that people understand that while it is not good for them, chocolate is not completely fatal to dogs.

This is one of those myths that I have seen, first-hand, prove to be false. There are many factors that would reasonably affect any dog's tollerance to chocolate and its toxins. For example, my boyfriend's dog is huge (170 pounds) and is fed brownies every time we bake them. He has actually eaten a whole tray of them before to no affect other than stomach irritation. However, the same is not true of my aunt's teacup yorkie, who is 3 lbs. She ate a chocolate square (the ghiradelli 1" x 1" piece) and ended up terribly sick. I think that, like toxins to humans (ALCOHOL), size definitely matters in this case.

This is a question that i was wondering too. I got a puppy two months ago and my friends warned me not to led the dog eat any chocolate. Thank you for searching this. I have heard before that if you eat a certain amount of chocolate, you have the same feeling of love, and if you eat more, human will have trouble like increasing heart rate.

This was a great topic! I've always asked myself the same. My yorkie actually consumed a ton of chocolate without us knowing one year on halloween and we were wondering why she wouldnt sleep that night.. she was running around, bumping into walls, barking, etc. and when we rushed her to the animal hospital, they told us it was because she had a significant amount of chocolate. Thank god she turned out okay, we just learned to keep an eye on her around halloween..

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