Why are Some People Double Jointed?

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rubberboy-ball.jpgBeing double jointed is something that can completely freak people out, and even terrify them.  Their eyes are unwilling to believe what they are seeing. Some people believe that being double jointed, or having hypermobility syndrome, means you have twice the number of joints; that is not the case. Being double jointed simply means that your joints, ligaments and tendons are much more flexible than most peoples. So how does one become double jointed you may ask? The depth of a bones socket ( where the bone sits) determines a persons flexibility for that joint. People who are double jointed have a very shallow socket allowing them to move their joints freely, and even being able to completely dislocate the bone from its socket without any pain at all! Scientist say that we have all been double jointed at some point in our lives. As we age, our ligaments harden, loosing much of their flexibility. 

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I think this post is to interesting!
It's true people do often get freaked out from things that double-jointed people can do. We get these feelings that it's "unnatural" because we can't do it but really it is natural because that is what comes natural to their bodies. I never thought that with their flexibility they might be dislocating the bones from sockets, and honestly, the part where people have been double jointed at lease one point in their lives may be true, especially when we are younger. It's so cool to see how flexible young kids are and how when we were that age we could do certain things too. As we age, our bodies stiffen and we no longer can do splits and flexible stuff like that.

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