What do you think about aliens?

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So I was writing a comment to the entry titled "Take the RIDE of your life!", and this was my comment:

I really think technology is growing exponentially. And the day we get to travel as space tourists like we travel on air planes today will come faster than all of us expect. The unfortunate side of this is whenever there is a new frontier, new military implications will be involved to guard this frontier. The days of Star Trek are fast approaching and soon enough we will have a space force.

And after I wrote "The days of Star Trek..." an idea for a great topic came to me!

I know it might sound kind of weird, but I do believe in aliens. To better understand my philosophy you would need to read the entry I posted titled "Is Science the new Religion". In that entry, I based off of my argument by pushing forward for a "chronologically unbiased" perspective. And I would like to again use that same perspective for my argument that aliens are out there.

Lets try to imagine a time when it was extremely difficult to travel great distances and people of different races were not able to come in contact. Everyone you knew and came in contact with were of the same race. You would not even be able to imagine people of other races. You would think all humans were just like you (in terms of race). But then came the technology and hence the ability to travel far and people of different races came in contact. Before the initial tribes then to the regions then to the countries then to the continents that humans came out of, they all thought the world and the diversity of the individuals in it were just that. Just as some of us today may think the universe is filled with just us. That is until "to the universe!"

May our descendants share this view and reach the frontiers of ANOTHER universe...

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Great post -- you really engaged the subject with references to Star Trek, your previous/related entry, and your belief of their ET existence.

Your post title was "What do you think about aliens?" -- with the vast amount of information, unclassified information, and reports regarding the matter AND also according to the Drake equation, it is indeed highly probable.

I would like to reference to two other entries that discuss this topic --

What if we have been genetically altered by aliens -- for the better or worse?

"...it could be there are aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains..."

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