Think twice before you febreze!

     My roommate mentioned to me in passing how they never use air fresheners at her house.  She said for one reason or another, her mom just doesn't trust them.  As her mom put it, "You just never know about these things down the road..." Their family instead opts for an open window to air out the house.  I was a little perplexed by this.  Like most people, I have at least a can or so of febreze sitting around my apartment and have never thought twice about it.

     However, this column from the Washington Post may make you think twice about using that air freshener...maybe you are better off with a stinky apartment after all! This is from a weekly green column, called The Green Lantern.  The article mostly discusses the history of aerosol air fresheners, starting with the release of the first Glade product in 1956.  Eventually, one of the "magic" ingredients in these fresheners, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) was actually found to be breaking up ozone molecules that protect us from UV light.  So, out they went.  Air fresheners were quickly named "CFC free".  Yet, there is new research being done about the concerns of new toxins in these air fresheners, as well as the amount of energy an ordinary plug in freshener can use (about equivalent to a barrel's worth of oil a year!). 

    Now, this whole idea that air fresheners are quietly hurting us could be complete bogus.  However, it could be like many things down the road, in that, we think how crazy we were for using this artificial scent in our houses when we could have simply opened a window and saved ourselves a lot of trouble.  What do you think? Are you going to keep your febreze handy or leave it to good ol' nature to make your apartment smell fresh and clean?  


I bought a can of frebreze about a week ago. It sure does come in handy. My mom sent me some korean food for me to eat (since I was missing it) and that stank up my dorm room pretty quickly. I was concerned for my roommate, who was out for that time. I just sprayed away my problems. Not sure what I would have done without the frebreze I had. Am I going to get rid of the frebreze due to this post? Probably not. I will however, use it as little as possible though. This was was an interesting read. Thanks!

I always say that there's nothing better than Mother Nature. I honestly prefer to open a window and let in God's natural air. The fresh smell of the outside world makes me feel clean and revitalizes me some how, unless I am leaving next to a power plant. Now I am still like any other person, I love my Febreze but I always have doubts about using it. I find myself asking my mother, "Am I going to get sick off of this?", "Can its air follicles hurt my eyes or impair my breathing?" So most of the time I decide to open my window, just to be safe and sure.

Aw, I LOVE Febreze! I have some in my dorm. I do like to open a window and let a breeze come in, but I'm a sucker for a sweet smell. At home I always use Lemon scent from Bath & Body works. I think the fact that my room ends up smelling like Pez will overtake the fact that it might not be best for me.

I love Febreze too! I have so many cans of different scents in my closet right now. And for the window part, my window to my dorm room is usually always open, but where my room the dumpster is outside across from me. So whenever a breeze comes through the smell of trash does too. I usually spray the febreze on the curtains, that way the smell circulates the room.
I probably won't stop using the Febreze. I feel like nowadays everything is bad for us, and as time passes and more research is done one day even going outside is going to become harmful.

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