The Sermon of Science

I lost interest in science as a school subject relatively early in my academic career.  To be clear, I truly appreciate modern conveniences and fully acknowledge science's contributions.  This, however, was not the science represented in the classroom where teachers preached about an infallible and omnipresent force from boring (and, in my case, antiquated) texts.  The course curriculum demanded blind faith and punished healthy skepticism, rewarding those who could recite passages from the text with near-religious zeal.

So I dropped out of the congregation and gravitated towards areas with a livelier debate -- literature, politics, philosophy -- and soon found myself in the liberal arts.  Since arriving at Penn State, I have tip-toed lightly around the question of my general education science requirements, searching for those courses without the brand of "chemistry" of "biology."  This semester, I finally stumbled upon an "-y" that caught my attention: controversy.  A single word that calls into to question the certainty and authority that permeates each claim to "scientific" study in our enlightened civilization.  A noun that threatens the very existence of the "expert."  An opportunity to take care of three more credits (and maybe even learn something). 

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