My teacher was becoming a priest, but was teaching my class about evolution.

Watching the "Flock of Dodos" Trailer made me think about my views of Religion and Evolution.

I grew up in a family where having faith in God is very important and I have always believe that God created us all. I had the opportunity of attending school in the Dominican Republic ( this is where my parents are from) and I will never forget the day when my Natural Science teacher was teaching my class about evolution and how it is believed that human beings descended from apes. My first impression was "Ewww we descended from an ape, no wonder people have hair in their legs and arms. Wait! but they have always told me God created us." I was kind of innocent at the time, so I got very confused, but the idea of descending from apes made sense to me, since we have certain similarities.

The worst part was that the teacher teaching this class was in the process of becoming a priest and now that I am grown and understand these views way better,I wish I could go back and ask him if he was teaching about evolution because it was mandatory by the school or if he had other reasons, and how he felt about teach about it. When I know for a fact he had a completely different view.

Even though Science has made sense of everything it studies and is making more people believe in it over God. I still believe that God created us all. For some reason everything I know about God and how this world and all the living things in it were created, make total sense to me. I am not against science because it helps our society in many ways, but these are just my beliefs and opinion about this controversial topic. 


IMHO (In my humble opinion):

If anything, science supports the views of Christianity. I have a great love for science, but I also believe God created the universe, and so far, science has only supported my faith in God. I encourage you to look into "theistic evolution" if you have not done so already and read the book entitled "The Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel.

Thank you! I've been trying to look for books that speak about the topic. but no one had any suggestions for me. I'll definitely look into this book.

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