interesting experimentation; effects of placebo

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ok, so we've all learned that the double blind placebo experiments are the most effective experiments in the case of proving your point. I've recently had a thought on this whole process and the actually use of the placebo. a placebo is given as a pacifier or to the control group in experiments on the efficacy of a drug; an example would be a sugar pill.

In experiments we have looked at, like the Barry Marshall double blind study and the worms study, the control group that actually took the placebo wasnt far behind in productivity/healing of the subject. The effect was almost as great on the people who were ingesting sugar pills instead of the actual medication. this to me is very interesting. this could prove that the mind is a far more powerful tool than any medication! the fact that all medications do have there side effects is another point. If the patient thinks they are taking the medication then their mind is expecting the positive effects, but since it would be a placebo, there would be no negative side effects since it is not the actual thing. this could be a whole new way of attempting to heal people. the power of their mind could in fact bestow greater power in the healing process than the side effect inriched medications. im not saying that im against medicine but maybe in some cases, it is not necessarily all that necessary...

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I think that this is a very interesting idea. Maybe more is in our control than we think..

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