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galaxies.jpgIn this article, respected scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking states that aliens are nearly certain to exist and that humans should not be looking for contact with them. He believes that aliens may be coming to raid planet earth of its resources and such and that humans may be threatened. He relates this theory to when Christopher Columbus first landed in America and how the Native Americans felt. Hawkings states that the universe has, "100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. In such a big place, Earth is unlikely to be the only planet where life has evolved."

I completely agree with Hawkings in that aliens are real. I am so curious to find out more about them... where they come from? what they want? how do they live? what is their life like? I am hoping that at some point in my lifetime some of these questions will be answered.

What do you guys think? Could this stuff be real.. or is it just silly non- sense?

Heres the website if anyone wants to take a look at the article:


In this case, I disagree with Stephen Hawking. If aliens do exist, we have no idea how they look or their intent with coming into contact with us. Also, if there are aliens, why do they have to be a threat? If there are so many galaxies out there with potential for life, why can't we be a threat to other aliens?? The fact is, we cannot conceive what aliens actually are or how they would get here. But it is an interesting subject to ponder.

I agree that it is something you could definitely spend hours thinking about. It is interesting that he said they will be looking to take our resources and is so quick to decide this when we know pretty much nothing about them. For all we know they could be on a planet we have no idea about with an infinite amount of resources. It's funny how people jump to negative views upon knowing nothing about a subject. I personally believe there is another form of life out there, though I have no ideas as to what they're like or what they want. It's fun to contemplate it though!

I absolutely love contemplating this kind of thing! I enjoy the idea of having no idea what is going on out there. Some people say that other places besides our own atmosphere aren't condusive to other life forms, but who even knows what other life forms need to live! I like to contemplate the fact that the universe is infinite, because its something I just can't wrap my brain around -- and I like that.

well i definitely believe in other life forms.. look at cases in alaska for this subject. i guess the fbi has made visits to certain cities in alaska around 300 times, in the past however many years, in comparison to the average of about 30 visits per state for paranormal activity. the movie, the fourth kind, is also a very interesting/frightening movie that will further advance your believe in aliens haha

I'm really unsure if I believe in aliens. I mean, really, it COULD be possible, but I'm just unsure if I really believe they're out there. It just seems like a very strange concept to get.

I was in my dorm with my 3 best friends and I asked them if they believe in aliens. One quickly said "No." and one said she "believes there are other life forms out there. Are they little green animals? No, but I think there's something." The last gave me a lot of "Ummmms..." and finally settled on "No, not really." Interesting.

Personally, I like to believe that we are not the only forms of life in this universe. I think it's more fun to think that way :) But, my newly evolving "scientific brain" pushes me to believe other wise.I feel the basis of this article gives me no real facts that should convince me that the existence of alien life forms is true. Dr. Hawking simply states that his "mathematical brain" is what gives him the idea that other life forms exist. I'm sorry, but I am going to need more proof than ratios and mathematical ideas to believe in legitimate life outside our world.

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