Does texting ruin relationships?


Walking on campus of PSU, it seems that every single person is either talking on their phone or looking down at it sending or receiving a text message. Our generation revolves around technology and that is suppose to be a good thing, but is it always? Having cell phones allows us to always be in contact with our friends, boyfriends, familes ect. And most of communication through cell phones has gone to texting instead of calling. Texting can be a good thing but I think that it can also be difficult to interpret what is being can not hear the sound, tone, expression of someone over a text message which can lead to easy misinterpretations. Another thing about texting is whenever you are hanging out with someone and you hear their phone go off and they immediately go to makes  it seem like you are unimportant and it isn't a good feeling. What do you guys think about texting and where it's taking us in the future?



I do agree that our generations is very focused on technology. I like the idea of being able to call or keep in touch with anyone at all times from the click of a button on our cell phones. Our generation seems to not like to talk on the phone which seems like bad communication skills. The world will continue to change and become more advanced so will our communication change as well. Texting is also very useful in some situations but they do get misinterpreted especially when someone is being sarcastic from my own experience. Though texting is quick and easy, I still believe that is always better to talk in person or on the phone with someone because it is more appreciated.

I have had the same observation around campus. It seems that everyone is always on the phone. I also believe that it can be useful, especially when keeping in touch with people from back home. However, I believe that texting is very impersonal. It is by no means a good way to get to know someone and it can ruin relationships. This is a very interesting entry!

When reading this entry, I wasn't sure how to react. I listen to my mom tell me all of the time how she lost contact with her friends from high school when she was in college because it was really hard to stay in touch with everyone. But, for us, it's a blessing and also a curse having this technology. On youth radio they talk about how we don't talk on the phone we just text. It's all the same around the world and we all have to get accustomed to it. I hate being so dependent on technology but it's really helpful at times. I am basically contradicting myself but I don't know how else to put it. It's a great way to keep in touch, like Skype I'm able to "see" my parents, but then Skype can also take me away from my work. I think that technology will very much take over our lives in the near future but it will help evolve our world before we know it

I so agree with the fact that it is very hard to interpret how something is being said through text messaging. On more that one occasion I have found myself in an argument with my boyfriend because he took my text as being rude or the other way around. Though we always work it out in the end, it does get annoying having to explain that I wasn't being rude and he just misinterpreted the text. With that being said, I don't think that texting ruins relationships but can cause some uncomfortable times within one.

it is kind of sad that we are so focused on our phones all the time. but now that its introduced, its never going to go away. i believe that its only going to get worse as technology advances. we should all try to leave our phones at home sometimes just to get away from them.

I think texting does make relationships impersonal. I mean, you can get to know someone over texting and not real life. Even the research shows that texting has made the young people of the world worse at interpersonal communication than people in past generations who had to talk on the phone or in person to communicate. I've thought about getting rid of texting on my phone, but I decided that no one would try to hang out with me if they had to call me, which is sad. I mean, some guys even think they can ask girls on dates nowadays through text....imagine how much more meaningful it would be if they asked in person. I personally would be insulted if a guy did has never happened to me, but I know girls who it has happened to.

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