Dangerous : drugs, poison...hand sanitizer?


  013107hand-sanitizer.jpgSitting on my desk is a cute little square container. It's orange, mixed with blue beads and the scent is nectarine mint. I brought this hand sanitzer with me in case I ever run into a pinch with washing my hands, but I don't use it that often. I do, though, know people who use hand sanitizer religiously. My 7th grade teacher was completely anal about it and I don't think I've ever used the stuff more than I did in that class. With the risk of so many flu bugs and diseases many schools recommend that students bring their own hand sanitzer to school with them. I know when I was in high School we were all sent home with papers telling us to carry it around with us. But we all know how to use hand sanitzer, and we also know not to eat/drink it. What about little kids, though? My 4 year old cousin was sent home from pre-school with a note telling her to bring some with her. When Ava (my cousin) sees my little orange bottle, she thinks it's pretty. But what she doesn't know is that it's extremely dangerous and hazardous to her and everyones health. Just in my small 1 oz. bottle alone it contains 68% alcohol. Hand sanitizers present alcohol is huge doses, way more than liquor or any other kind of alcoholic beverage. If a little kid ingests this stuff they could get brain damage. Yeah,  it's THAT powerful. Did you also know that you can get ADDICTED to the stuff? Some people use is so often that it causes extremely dry skin and causes them to crack and get infections. Ironic, because aren't we trying to prevent infections and germs by using sanitizers?

Don't get me wrong - there are many benefits to hand sanitizers that are irrefutable. And in a pinch, they are a really great thing to have. But everyone should know the danger and bad involved with grabbing the cute little bottle instead of using old fashion soap & water.







I completely agree with that. I feels as though Hand sanitizer is necessary at times but there are people that use way to much to the point where it is harmful to them. People should use only when its necessary and not get to the point where they are obsessed about it and use it religiously.

If you have ever seen the show Monk he is obsessive with keeping everything clean. I think people do go way too far, and when you are too clean then you will not form immunities very well. That is why if you use a good amount not excessive then you will be fine.

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