Cuckoos are Koo-Koo!

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"Cuckoos swoop in to the nests of other bird species and lay eggs. After hatching, a cuckoo chick kills its foster siblings and hogs the food for itself."


In the picture above, a "cuckoo chick barely fits in the nest of a great reed warbler, yet misguided warbler parents have raised it. A new study finds that in areas where the climate has warmed, cuckoos are starting to trick different species into raising their young."

Unfortunately, there have been climate changes which have drove them out of sync with the host of their eggs. Researcher, Andres Pape Moller, says that he wouldn't be surprised if the short-distance migrant species faces extinction within the next few decades.

Whatever the case, I find it both sick and hilarious that cuckoos make other birds take care of their young, who just eat up the other birds.

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That is horrible! I wonder why the original birds nesting don't realize that these babies aren't their own offspring...seems very strange.

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