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The first time I met my new doctor, he gave me the routine questions about my daily habits. He asked me how many cigarettes I smoked and how many alcoholic drinks I consumed in a day. These seemed like important answers to have on file, so I did not think twice about his inquiry. But what stood out was his third question - "How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?". Because I was sitting in his office with a cup of coffee...I thought maybe this was some sort of joke. Let me just say - he was not kidding. Apparently my coffee habits were equivalent to the habits of smokers and drinkers? I didn't even know the three were in the same category. So point of this article - could it potentially be discovered that coffee is bad for you, like science did with cigarettes?


 First I looked up research from the Association for Science and Information on Coffee (ASIC). Yes this does exist. And they conducted some studies on mice to test their theory that coffee and/or caffeine is helpful for preventing and/or treating Alzheimer's Disease. What they found was that the mice they started giving caffeine to at young adulthood showed more protection against memory impairment  in their older age. They also notice that the older mice showed more memory restoration once they began to treat them with the caffeine water! That is amazing, because if that is the case it could potentially be a great help for humans with Alzheimer's Disease. (I have heard this hypotheses being thrown around before, but never read anything about an experient with positive results.)

And I also checked out the flip side for coffee - the negatives. A natural health doctor stressed the point that caffeine IS technically a drug, and with drugs, the more your body gets used to - the more you'll have to intake to continue to get the same effects.Caffeine prevents the chemical "adenosine" from communicating to your brain to relax. And another interesting point he makes isn't about the caffeine in it, but the fact that 70% of the world's coffee beans could potentially be contaminated with pesticides and chemicals. (So does this mean that maybe the negative affects of coffee don't come from caffeine intake, but an environmental element instead?).

Here are some listed positives of coffee:

-antioxidants, may reduce the risk of

coffee3.gif Parkinson's disease, may protect against type-2 diabetes, increases mental attention

And the negatives:

-may be linked to heart disease, disturbs the functioning of blood vessels, osteoporosis, heartburn


So I still wonder, is it a relevant piece of information for my doctor to know? It still seems that there are a lot of "maybes" and not even hard scientific evidence to confirm this fact like was the case with cigarettes and their effects on health.









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