Certain Dance Moves Make Men Sexy For Women

Quite a title, right?
According to a study done by psychologists, certain dance moves men perform make them more attractive to women. The head, neck, and chest area were cited as the more attractive points, as were "big movements," which were demonstrated with an animated doll flailing its arms and legs. They took a handful of men and hooked them up with a system of devices that would record their dance moves, which were then mapped and recreated onto a featureless animated mannequin. The different mannequins were then shown to women, who were asked to evaluate how handsome the men were based solely on their dance moves. The men's physical features, personalities, etc. were never revealed to the women.

I saw this on the televised news earlier, but here is the related news article from CBS. One thing they mentioned on the news segment, and not online, was that psychologists were relating the dance moves and how we interpret them to how animals attract mates with mating rituals. The wild gestures and large movements are similar to how some animals attract mates, or do their "mating dance." I thought it was an interesting relationship, but there was nothing to really back up this theory other than it seems plausible.

For fun, here's the video from their research showing what was deemed bad moves, and then good moves: Dancing 101. What do you guys think about this? Do you think that we subconsciously see someone who we interpret as a "good dancer," and find them more attractive because of it? I never really thought about it before, but I think it does make sense.


What a great blog! This is such an interesting topic!
I know you asked for the opinions of guys but I thought I would just say something as well.
I found these two great articles that talk about the types of body language we give off when trying to attract someone: "http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/191616/top_body_language_clues_that_show_a_pg2.html?cat=41" and "http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/189514/body_language_signs_that_will_show_pg2.html?cat=41"

One line that really stood out to me was,
"He will stand directly in your line of sight, his muscles tight and he may even spread his legs and place his hands on his hips. He's not trying to be authoritative, he's just trying to make you notice his physical
It is definitely clear that it is only natural for women to be attracted to dance moves that show off a man's torso area because this area shows off parts that a woman looks for in a mate.

When I wrote guys, I meant the class as a whole, not just the men :) My mistake for the slang, sorry!

Another part that both of those articles mentioned that men and women preen to gather the attention of the opposite sex. They even compare it to how birds try to stand out more!

hey, I just saw that we posted on the same thing. I just wanted to let you know that I didn't see your post before I posted mine. It's like the exact same topic

This is such an interesting blog! I never thought about in terms of males appealing sexy because of dance moves. I know that how a girl moves turns most guys heads (for obvious reasons) but it never crossed my mind that we may do the same. Now that I think about it, my ex-boyfriend was NOT a good dancer at all and his two best friends were. I actually met the three of them at a party and they were dancing with other people and I thinking back I looked at his two friend way before I even looked at him because I wasn't feeling how he danced. Hmm, I hope that's not shady or anything :( I didn't even realize I did that until now. HAHA Oh well.

I love the title and it was definitely an attention-getter. I would have to say that guys who are really great dancers I do find to be more attractive. If a guy moves right then I believe it reflects their confidence and their personality. If a guy is not such a good dancer I might stay away unless he is a jokester. I think most of us judge the person on their dance moves subconsciously without even realizing that their doing it.

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