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I know this happens to be about a weekend late but something sparked my interest in this subject again. I did a photo shoot for my photography class this week and editing them yesterday afternoon a common theme appeared in them. I was taking pictures at my car garage and both of my subjects were smoking. I went ahead and posted these images on my other blog and tonight a friend comment on this issue. She was wondering if it was a coincidence or if I actually planned this out. It did happen to be a coincidence because for this assignment we were not to position our subjects at all. After receiving this comment and others about the cigarette and cigar the men are smoking, it reminded me about our discussion.  I just found this a cool coincidence that I decided to share with all of you. 

Here are a couple more of the images just so you have an idea of what photographs I am talking about 


Those are AWESOME pictures! I think that this is so interesting because I know people who work on cars and they are always smoking as they work too!

Thanks! I am glad to see that not only the people I know that work on cars smoke. We could start a study on the correlation between smoking and working on cars.

oo awesome idea

I really like these pictures and I have always thought as well that men who work with cars smoke a lot. Do you think they see smoking as an entertainment while doing their job?

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