Alien Abduction

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I personally am extremely intruged by the alien phenomenia. This article describes the abduction of three women (Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, Elaine Thomas) on January 6, 1976 in Kentucky.The three women were in their red Chevrolet on their way back from a birthday dinner traveling down Highway 78 when they all three reported seeing a bright, red object in the night sky. The object gradually got closer to their vehicle, and soon after Smith lost control of her car. The car quickly accelerated to 85 mph and Smith was unable to steer the wheel. The Chevy proceeded down the highway but was soon led off to a small pasture. The article states that, "They then were back on the road, and everything was as it was before." The weird thing is that an hour and twenty minutes had elapsed, unknown to the women. The women reported this event to police and gained serious media coverage. They were interviewed and put under hypnosis where they were made to re- live the events. The women all painfully reported that they were "taken abroad the unknown craft, and subjected to medical experimentation."


I for one, am very very interested in aliens and what else is out there boyond our galaxy. I believe that it would be arrogent of one to think that we, human beings on planet earth, are the only life force in the entire universes. There are billions of other galaxys out there for us to explore, now all we have to do is figure out how to get to them!


Here's the website if anyone wants to read more:

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I never believed in aliens, but that really spooked me! However, hypnosis isn't a reliable way to get information. For instance, there is self-serving bias where a person says what they want to believe happened.

What do you think aliens look like?

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