A glass of wine a day keeps the doc away

I have always heard from a variety of people that a glass of red wine a few nights a week helps prevent you from getting heart disease.  I've always heard this and believed it but never understood exactly...until now.  Apparently red wine if full of antioxidants that promote healthy cholesterol which equates to less arterial damage.  Doctors are reluctant to encourage this however because they don't want to encourage consuming alcohol every night because "too much alcohol can have harmful affects on your body."  But it seems that a little alcohol, in this case in the form of red wine, can increase your life span and help you lead a healthier life.  Who would have thought?


I have heard of this! I think if someone can control their alcohol intake and just do it for medical purposes (not that they shouldn't enjoy it, too!) then go for it! Maybe once I turn 21 I will, too ;).

An article in this week's TIME magazine summarizes a recent large study claiming that people drinking moderate amounts of alcohol live longer than those who abstain. Apparently 'moderate' = 2-4 drinks per day.

There are also reports that alcohol can help make you smarter and delay dementia in old age.

I am seriously thinking we might investigate this in the class. Is the class interested?

well it seems wine is made through a very natural process so its not very hard to believe that, in moderation, it can benefit you

I am most definitely interested in investigating this in class!

My grandfather swears on this! While growing up he always said that if we wanted to be healthy when we were old just to drink red wine and that it was good for healthy and strong hearts. I always thought he said this as an excuse to drink wine with his meals. I never would have actually thought this was true. I def would love to learn more about this in class.

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