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Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy (SC200) is an entry-level General Education course NOT for Science majors.

All of the written work and much of the exchange of ideas in this course will take place on this course blog.  The 2012 blog is here.  Students are required to write posts and comment frequently on the posts of others, and they will be assessed on this several times during the semester.  

We are deliberately broad minded about what the blog posts might concern (within the broad constraint that they be relevant to the course).   Reactions to the course material, disagreements with the instructors, questions, additional background material,  different perspectives, verifying cases, contrary examples, cool things going on elsewhere in science - or in the non-science world.......  In short: the students and instructors are being asked to  Create, Reflect, Connect.    

SC200 Participants: Enjoy, and be grateful that for once, your hard work can be read by more than the person who marks it. 

Other site visitors: You can't post to the class blog.  But feel free to leave comments on the instructor blog - that's open to all.

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