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Svenska, as the Swedes call their language, is spoken by the approximately 8 million inhabitants of Sweden, as well as another 300,000 people in Finland. It belongs to the North Germanic sub-group of the Indo-European language family (English is in the West Germanic sub-group), which includes Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Faroese. It is extremely similar to Danish and Norwegian, especially in written form. Its grammar and syntax are very similar to English, more so than German or French. Many Swedish words are easily recognizable by English speakers, and even more so by German speakers. So naturally, Swedish is a relatively easy language for English speakers to learn. Pronunciation is a little difficult at first, especially due to the vowels, and a beginner should listen to a native in order to get a good idea of the Swedish sounds.

This course was designed for beginners and no previous knowledge of Swedish is assumed. However, the lessons may also be helpful for those people who have had previous experience and would like to improve their grammar or just simply practice or brush up.


Note: A graphical browser (netscape 2. or higher) is required in order to view the special Swedish characters.

Alphabet and Pronunciation
Lesson One: Vad är det?
Lesson Two: Var bor du?
Lessons Three: Possessive
Lesson Four: Numbers 1-10 and Plurals
Review of Lessons One to Four - plus Greetings and more (Coming)
Lesson Five: Definite and Possessive Plural (Coming)

Other Swedish-Related Links

(all are unaffiliated with this course)

Lättläst Publisher of books in easy Swedish. Great for learners!

Online Swedish-English Dictionary works both ways.
Svenska Dagbladet Swedish daily newspaper online (in Swedish).
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Pronouncement Software makers of "Hear it in Swedish", a commercial product, also includes a comprehensive list of places to learn Swedish.
Yahoo Index of Swedish Sites
World Newspapers - Swedish a list of Swedish media (news and radio) on the web.
Swedish Grammar
8 Sidor a newspaper in easy Swedish for learners. Also includes audio.
Swedish Alphabet Pronunciation - a great site, where you can hear how the letters are pronounced.
Another really great site is the Travlang Swedish for Travelers Pages, which include sound. Click below to go there.

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