Angela teaches courses in Chemical Engineering, as well as the interdisciplinary Energy Engineering, Fuel Science, and Environmental Systems Engineering disciplines at Penn State. Most recently, she has taught thermodynamics, mass  transfer, green engineering, and engineering design, with prior teaching activities in several general education courses and electives. Course descriptions and links for the classes that Angela recently taught are provided below.

Fall 2013:
EGEE 412 Green Engineering & Environmental Compliance

Spring 2013 - Fall 2012: 
Sabbatical at the University of Crete

Spring 2012

CH E 220 Introduction to Chemical Engineering  Thermodynamics 

Fall 2011

EGEE 412 Green Engineering & Environmental Compliance

ENVSE 427 Pollution Control in the Process Industries

Spring 2011

CH E 410 Mass Transfer Operations (3)


Fall 2010

EGEE 412 Green Engineering & Environmental Compliance

Spring 2010

Fall 2009
EME 301 Thermodynamics in Energy & Mineral Engineering

EGEE 412 Green Engineering & Environmental Compliance


Spring 2009

Fall 2008
Spring 2008

Fall 2007
Spring 2007

Fall 2006
Spring 2006

Fall 2005
Spring 2005


Fall 2004
Spring 2004


Fall 2003

Joined Penn State

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