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I was born and raised in Oxford Nebraska, which is a small town in south central Nebraska, where my extended family has lived for five to six generations.  Growing up, I was active in music, sports, academic teams, and speech, to mention just a few activities. (There were only 74 people in grades 7-12, people had to do everything!)  I attended the University of Nebraska from 1992-1996, majoring in chemical engineering.  As an undergraduate, I had a number of research opportunities, including positions at the University of Minnesota, the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory in South Carolina, and Goodyear Tire & Rubber in Lincoln.  After obtaining a BS in 1996,  moved to the University of Michigan to study environmental engineering, water treatment, and bio-availability of environmental contaminants in the subsurface.  I absolutely loved living in Ann Arbor, and enjoyed softball, pottery, hiking, and cycling.  In 1998, I graduated with joint MS degrees in chemical engineering and environmental engineering, and headed to Albany, Georgia, to be an environmental engineer at Procter and Gamble's largest paper products manufacturing facility.  As the site environmental engineer,  had joint responsibility for chemical management, environmental compliance (air, water, waste), and health and safety training.  Although I enjoyed the "real world" and this was an invaluable experience, I missed the academic challenge of research, and returned to Ann Arbor in 1999 for my PhD in chemical engineering.  In 2003, I defended my PhD, with my thesis focusing on synergistic effects of carbon-metal materials for hydrogen storage via the hydrogen spillover process.  Ten years later, my research has come "full circle" and I am working on many of the same problems, although my academic prowess has expanded greatly.

I've been in State College, PA, since 2003, when I joined the faculty of the Energy & Mineral Engineering program as a tenure-track Assistant Professor.  As a new Assistant Professor with a freshly minted PhD, I began to take advantage of the existing research infrastructure at Penn State, and expanded my research areas into carbon materials, carbon synthesis, advanced characterization, and theoretical adsorption studies.  Being a faculty member at Penn State has provided an unequaled opportunity for both professional and personal growth, and I am greatly thankful for this time.

I met my husband, Erik, in 2004, and was married in 2006.  In 2007, my world was redefined, when we welcomed Graham Erikson Schaible into our lives.  Daniel Cooper Schaible followed shortly thereafter, in 2009.    In my spare time, I do a lot of reading and play with my two boys.  In State College, we have spent a huge amount of time (and a small fortune) completely rebuilding our house in Park Forest. The four of us currently reside in Pentamodi, Crete, where we will be until June 2013, at which point we will return to State College. Below are some of the excerpts of our life in Crete!


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