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Cheng-Yu Wang successfully defends his PhD thesis!

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Cheng-Yu Wang successfully defended his PhD thesis, "Hydrogen Storage in Zinc and Copper Types of Metal-Organic Frameworks via Hydrogen Spillover" on July 25, 2014. 

He had an amazing number of only three minor edit requests, and one suggested addition to future work.  Great job Cheng-Yu!

Cheng-Yu Wang's paper accepted to J. Catal.

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Cheng-Yu Wang's paper, "Stability and Hydrogen Adsorption of Metal-Organic Frameworks Prepared via Different Catalyst Doping Methods" was accepted to the Journal of Catalysis.  Congratulations Cheng-Yu!

Co-Authors are:  Cheng-Yu Wang; Qihan Gong; Yonggang Zhao; Jing Li; Angela Lueking

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