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Dear World:

I want to thank you for taking the time to invest in me over the course of my lifetime. I know you will continue to do so as I seek a position in the global world of finance. You, World, have afforded me many opportunities, and I know we will have an excellent working relationship.

As I further my studies at The Pennsylvania State University, I grow even more confident that I can take the global economy to new heights of success. With the resources I have been given, I am ready to hit the ground running in Corporate America. The degree I will receive at such an accredited college as Penn State University is an excellent incentive to work hard, and I will devote a significant portion of my time to study while in academia. I have a number of great ideas for the local community and am excited by your interest in using these ideas as catalysts for complete world rejuvenation.

As I mentioned when we met, I would like to use my finance degree to enhance the world's identity while at the same time meeting the needs and expectations of the community. I believe I can also make a significant contribution to the third world effort, and I am particularly interested in exploring the role microfinance has on impoverished nations.

I am convinced I will bring a new degree of organization to the world, including making you far less chaotic and far more functional. More importantly, I would like to be an active participant in a strategic plan to bring the world economy back to its healthy, flourishing state. I have some ideas for restoring personal finances on the microeconomic level encouraging households and firms to become actively involved in the restoration of their financial affairs. I feel it is extremely important to resurrect an attitude of ownership, for the people, over their personal finances, and I am committed to doing so.

World, I thank you again for considering me for this position. I look forward to working with you now and in the future.



Allison C. Shattuck



Feel free to contact Allison with comments, questions and concerns.  Your input is a valuable resource and should not remain untapped. 




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